Conclusive guide to Best Bushcraft Gloves

Bushcraft is nothing but a form of art with high risks. If you love survival games and wilderness is where you belong, you need to take great care of yourself. The unfavourable conditions in the wilderness demand gears that keep you protected. We have thus reviewed and curated a list of the best bushcraft gloves available in the market. Remember that there are no specific gloves for the bush raft.


List Of 10 Best Bushcraft Gloves

The list of the best bushcraft gloves to keep you safe during your survival in the wilderness are given in the next column.

1.Hestra Fält Guide

Hestra Fält Guide glove

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Designed by a survival expert himself, Hestra Fält Guide is specially optimised to keep you protected in the wilderness. This pair of bushcraft gloves are packed with features. The thick cowhide and army leather covering make Hestra windproof and waterproof making it suitable for all seasons. Wool pile and wool terry cloth lining on the top and bottom of the hands, respectively are removable. This makes it convenient to use and even more to clean.

What makes Hestra one of the best bushcraft gloves is that it is designed very thoughtfully. This can be seen from the long cuff guards and cinched wrist area. This keeps any cold wind from entering the gloves and making it hard for you to work in winters. The carabiner clasp system is another feature that showcases its effective design. This allows them to be in one place when you are doing some work.

With all these qualities comes great care. Hence, you have to keep great care when it comes to washing them. They can’t be machine washed and dried. Special washing instructions are given by the company for washing leather outer wool insides. Moreover, they are not touch screen compatible. They aren’t available in many colours but who needs aesthetic gloves in the bushes. The unmatched quality comes at a price to pay.


  • Survival expert design
  • Water and windproof
  • Wool liner for warmth
  • Clip for fastening together
  • Cinched waist
  • Cowhide and Army leather for durability
  • Made in the USA


  • Special care for washing
  • Limited colour choice
Hestra Ferox Primaloft Glove - Black - 7
  • DESIGNED FOR: To keep your hands warm and dry in a variety of weather conditions.
  • OUTER MATERIAL: Backhand made of HESTRA APPAS windproof, waterproof, and breathable fabric. Palm made of PU Grip.
  • INSULATION & LINING: Insulated with warming Primaloft Gold. Lined with brushed polyester.
  • INSERT: This glove’s CZone insert gives it an added waterproof and breathable membrane.
  • FEATURES: Neoprene at cuff and pull strap with Velcro closure. Machine washable.

2.Smartwool Ridgeway

Smartwool Ridgeway glove

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Smartwool Ridgeway is a quality product to secure you in the wilderness when you are struggling to survive. The material blend is great and will protect you irrespective of the season. The leather and wool combination provides durability, warmth and protection at a minimal cost. Ridgeway is inexpensive. Ridgeway is available in two colours making it great at looks too.

The leather used provides durability to the item and makes them fit for all seasons. The thumb and forefinger are provided with extra reinforcement to lend protection to often overlooked parts. The wool used is the well known Merino wool. The insides are lined with the same to provide warmth, breathability and moisture absorption. The antimicrobial feature fights odour developed by wearing gloves for a long period. The cinched waist design offers protection against icy winds and maintaining temperature. The clip design is helpful in keeping them together.

There are some downsides of the product as well.

Since Smartwool uses natural fibres they require special care and attention while washing. They can’t be simply machine washed. Moreover, some users may find the cuff region to be a little shorter hampering the warmth. Bear in mind that you cannot use your smartphones while wearing this.  There may be a few shortcomings but you won’t find such quality at such price. They are one of the best bushcraft gloves.


  • Inexpensive
  • Leather glove
  • Double layer thumb and forefinger
  • Terry loop, knit Merino wool, interior for liner
  • Various colours
  • Cinched wrist design 
  • Clip to keep them together


  • Leather requires special cleaning
  • Wash wool liner by hand
  • Shorter cuff
  • No touchscreen capabilities
Smartwool Liner Glove Black/Military Olive Heather LG
  • Versatile, lightweight knit gloves from Smartwool
  • SW0SC300
  • Touch screen compatible thumb and index finger
  • Rib knit cuff finishing for bulk-free fit
  • 48% Merino Wool/46% Acrylic/6% Nylon/1% Elastane

3.U.S. Military Arctic Mitts

U.S. Military Arctic Mitts glove

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They are originally winter gloves made for winter outdoor activities. You cannot question its quality as it is approved by the US army itself. The blend of materials is something to look for in this product. The materials selected will give you extreme warmth when you are working somewhere in the bushes on a chilly winter day.

 100% Alpaca pile used as the lining serves its purpose by delivering warmth and comfort. The moisture absorption of the material enhances comfort and keeps your hand dry. Another thick inner liner of 100% grey wool attributes to enhanced warmth. Thoughtfully designed, these mittens come with a wool/nylon pile at the backside to keep your face warm. The cinched waist design and long cuffs keep icy cold winds at bay.

Talking about the downsides of the product, they cannot be Machine washed. These mitts require special care in the washing area. Since they are not gloves but mitts you have to compromise a bit on dexterity. The long cuffs may come in your way during some tasks. You have to remove them during some tasks as they aren’t touch screen compatible. Arctic Mitts can be your best bet for a winter bushcraft gloves anyway. Use it with a liner or on bare hands, they will keep you warm during any winter outdoor activity.


  • Air Force standards
  • Leather outers and Merino knot wool inners
  • Windproof, waterproof and breathable
  • Long cuff with cinches for extreme weather conditions
  • Face warmers on the back of the mitt
  • 64-inch shoulder cord to keep mitts with you


  • Require care for cleaning
  • Moderately priced
  • No touchscreen
  • Could be warmer
  • Long sleeves can get in your way
UYYE Chenille Car Wash Mitt, Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Mitt for Cars, Trucks, SUV, Boat & Motorcycle, Blue( 1-Pack, Extra Large
  • LARGE SIZE WASHING MITTS WITH THICK ABSORBENT MICROFIBER: Car washing supplies absorb 7x its weight in water to clean more areas, easily reach slightly curved car groove, small seams or other hard-to-reach places the sponge could never hit, wipe away grime effectively. Used with plain/soapy water or for drying. Machine washable and reusable car washing sponge.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE CAR WASHING SUPPLIES: Not only can you wash, wax, polish your vehicles, safe for wash car, trucks, motorcycle, SUV, RV, boat or watercraft but you can also use dry for dusting/cleaning windows, mirrors, furniture and glass, etc, in your home.
  • HIGH QUALITY EXTERIOR CARE PRODUCTS: Only our car wash mitt scratch free includes a unique interior mesh lining that allows for easy hand/removal and comfort while washing.
  • DESIGNED FOR ANY SIZE HAND: (Size: 12’’X 8’’) These car wash mitts have a durable double-stitched elastic cuff, and elastic wrist cuff helps keep mitt in place on hand. Tight-fitting cuff keeps the mitt on your hand, not on the ground or the bottom of your bucket.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: You will get quality products, if you have any questions, please contact us, we are always waiting for you here.

4.KINCO 901

KINCO 901 gloves

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Kinco 901 is the most versatile pair of bushcraft gloves that will keep you warm with being durable and flexible. The pigskin construction makes it durable. The reinforcement on the gloves attributes to enhanced protection. To keep dexterity issues at bay, finger patches are not incorporated. Comfort is one thing that is not compromised in kinco.

Taking care of the warmth,kinco has incorporated Heatkeep thermal lining on the interiors. This enhances insulation. Some users have found that this feature lacks to serve its purpose. But pairing it up with an extra mitt will keep you comfortable. The thermal layer wicks off moisture to keep your hands dry. The tight-knit cuffs help in keeping out snow and icy cold air during your outdoor adventures.

Kinco runs a size smaller than the usual bushcraft gloves. So, sizing is one issue that can bother you. The pigskin is sure durable but not waterproof. kinco has got you covered for it by providing Nikwax Waterproofing Wax. The clasp system is absent but it is not a really bothering shortcoming. The reasonable price of kinco makes it worth buy in spite of a few shortcomings.


  • Good price
  • Tough pigskin
  • Patches over the wear areas
  • Comfortable knit wrist
  • Leather pull tab
  • Pairing hook
  • High-performance signature Heatkeep thermal lining
  • Nikwax Waterproofing Wax included


  • Care for cleaning
  • The size small do not come with the finger reinforcements
  • Fits small, so take care when ordering
  • The leather requires a coating of waterproofing, such as mink oil, snow seal
  • Needs a clasp on both
Kinco - Premium Leather Work and Ski Mitt, Heatkeep Insulation, (1927KWT)
  • THE BEST OF DURABILITY AND AFFORDABILITY: Kinco 1927s have become the quintessential blue-collar glove of choice because of their durability and affordability.
  • OTTO STRIPED CANVAS: Kinco's Trademark Otto striped cotton-blend canvas back of hand offers lightweight, breathable coverage
  • HEATKEEP INSULATION KEEPS HANDS WARM AND DRY: Heatkeep thermal insulation is comprised of finely spun polyester fibers, which create thousands of air pockets between the outer shell and inner lining to fully envelop the hand. These air pockets work to trap the body heat generated inside the glove and shield the hand from the cold. An inner lining that is laminated to the Heatkeep fibers wicks moisture away from the hand to keep it dry.
  • PIGSKIN LEATHER IS TOUGH, BREATHABLE, AND PLIABLE: Golden premium grain pigskin protects the palm with exceptional durability, and due to its porous nature, remains soft and flexible after getting wet.
  • SIZING AND FIT: Sizing is based on men's sizes from the size guide. This unisex glove will fit both Men and Women. Refer to sizing guide for best fit. If you are in between sizes, we recommend sizing down. Leather gloves start stiff, but soften after a few uses.


RefrigiWear glove

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RefrigiWear is the best companion for you if you love camping. Made out of pure leather, they are durable and offer all-around protection. RefrigiWear is loaded with features. They are lightweight and hence do not cause pain after use for a longer period. They will provide comfort throughout use. 

Moreover, the grip is quite firm. The wrist area is designed such that it doesn’t let any wind or snow in making it lock the warmth. What makes them suitable for the summer is that they are not at all bulky and are extremely breathable. They are nothing short of perfection when it comes to all-season bushcraft gloves.

Looking at the demerits of the product, they are not made for heavy-duty work. The stitching is anticipated to wear out very early. Also, it runs in a smaller size so be careful about the size before buying it. The insides are not much thick but that can be checked by wearing it over some mitt. All in all, they can be the ultimate partner for your outdoor adventures.


  • Proper protection
  • Durable material
  • Sealed wrist area
  • Breathable feature


  • Improper stitching
  • Thin inner lining
  • Inappropriate sizing
  • Thick material
RefrigiWear Extreme Hooded Insulated Jacket (Black, 5XL)
  • STAY WARM: WarmPlus graphene lining keeps you 24% warmer in temps as low as -60°F than traditional linings and warms 4x faster.
  • FLEXIBLE: Get more protection from the cold in a snap with the detachable hood, inner draw cord at the waist and adjustable cuffs. Unzip the under-arm vent patches to cool off when work heats up.
  • MOVE EASILY: Lightweight AirBlaze insulation keeps you warm without the bulk so you're not weighed down. Performance-Flext at the back for better movement.
  • STORE ITEMS: Keep your important items close and personal items safe with 2 zippered hand-warmer pockets, 2 chest pockets, 1 zippered chest pocket, 1 zipperred pocket on left sleeve, 1 zippered inside pocket and 1 flap pocket with 1-stall pencil pocket on left sleeve. Glove clip to keep your gloves handy when not in use.
  • DURABLE: This jacket features a water-repellent, wind-tight finish to protect from the elements and brass rivets to reinforce stress points so you can work without wearing out over time.

6.Wells Lamont

Wells Lamont glove

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Wells Lamont is one versatile pair of bushcraft gloves that will come in handy for multiple tasks like carpentry, construction, roofing and other outdoor household chores. The material blend used in Lamont is worth mentioning. The palm is made up of deerskin whereas, the spandex makes the back. The material combination makes them breathable, flexible and durable.

For enhanced protection knuckles, forefinger, and thumb areas are guarded with reinforcements. The velcro closure system provides a snug fit and makes the gloves stable. The material used also enhances the grip. They provide considerable warmth but are specially designed to provide protection.

However, Wells Lamont cannot be used in high abrasive situations. It isn’t touch screen compatible as well. Relatively expensive, they require great care at washing as well. The size can be an issue but only if you have large hands.  The dye may stain in your hands. But for bushcraft, they are very perfect. Lamont will keep you protected from harsh elements and blisters anyway.


  • Pricey for work items
  • Deerskin palm, soft and comfortable
  • Spandex back for flexibility and breathability
  • Reinforcement on knuckles, thumb and first finger
  • Velcro closure


  • Leather needs care for cleaning
  • Yellow stain on hands
  • Tight-fitting, hard to remove
  • No touch screen capabilities
  • Not durable for abrasive situations
Wells Lamont Men's FX3 Nitrile Coated Grip Work Gloves, Extra Large (448XL)
  • NITRILE PALM DIP - Provides excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance without sacrificing dexterity
  • GLOVE CONSTRUCTION - Lightweight, breathable fabric back keeps hands dry and comfortable while you work
  • WRIST - Stretch knit wrist fits snug, keeping glove secure as you work
  • IDEAL FOR - Mechanics, General Assembly, Construction, Yardwork, DIY, Landscaping, and More!
  • INCLUDED - 1 pair of work gloves


StoneBreaker glove

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If you are looking for quality and durability then, StoneBreaker may disappoint you. Even if the company claims it to be long-lasting, they really aren’t. The material blend used may seem promising but they miserably fail to serve their purpose. StoneBreaker offers protection but they cannot be claimed to be the best bet.

Looking at the material combination, it is very well thought. The company has used a blend of American deerskin with cowhide. The material may give an impression of great durability but users tell it doesn’t last long. Double sewn swans used by the company is said to withstand wear and tear effectively. Nevertheless, the company hasn’t compromised with protection. With shock-absorbing padding and reinforcement patches, StoneBreaker offers maximum protection. These features may bring you close to buying them.

Talking about the demerits of the product which are quite a lot. With durability being the main drawback, you will come across many other problems as well. The stitching and quality are very inconsistent as told by many customers. You may face sizing issues as well. All these drawbacks may resist you from making them as your perfect bushcraft companion.


  •  American deerskin and cowhide
  •  Thick genuine leather
  •  Reinforcing patches
  •  Extended cuffs
  •  Double Sewn Seams
  •  Shock-absorbing padding


  •  Fitting issues
  •  Non-durable
  •  Inconsistent quality
3 White Sage Smudge Sticks Sustainably Grown + Amethyst Stone + Rose Quartz Stone | Smudging Kit for Protection + Love | Smoke Cleansing Sage Bundles (3)
  • 💜 Sustainably Grown, Carefully Collected & Packaged
  • 🌙 Handmade One-by-One and Quality Checked a Minimum of 3 Separate Times
  • 🌎 Grown on Private Land in the Mountains Around California
  • 🌿 White Sage is an Ancient Herb Used to Cleanse and Purify Your Surroundings
  • ✨ Amethyst + Rose Quartz INCLUDED for Extra Protection & Loving Energy!

8.Carhartt System

Carhartt System glove

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Carhartt can be one of the best gloves with bushcraft appeal. They are specially designed to keep your hands protected when you are doing some tough work. The materials used to ensure that your hands remain safe throughout. Made out of 100% cotton duck material with suede leather on the palms. This attributes to the enhanced durability of the product. Carhartt Systems have high value for money.

Moreover, the knuckles are provided with reinforcements for added protection. The longer cuffs keep the often overlooked, wrist area to escape scraping or blisters. What makes them perfect for summers is the Cotton duck material which is moisture absorbent and provides maximum breathability. This allows your hands to remain dry after long hours of work.

There are not many shortcomings in this product but they aren’t designed to sustain dropping temperatures. Also, they don’t come with touchscreen compatibility. When wet they may get slippery. The pull-type wrist design may cause hindrance to some users. But since, Carhartt doesn’t have any sizing issues these drawbacks can be fixed. All in all, they are perfect bushcraft gloves with a decent price and durability.


  • Moderate price
  • The base of 100% durable, cotton duck fabric
  • 100% polyester lining
  • Pull-on with wrist cinch
  • Synthetic leather palm with suede cowhide palm and knuckle patches
  • Safety cuff
  • Moderate price
  • Sizes from small to 2X large


  • No touchscreen capability
  • It May get slippery when wet
  • Large pinky finger
  • Cuff is loose, needs tightening
Carhartt Boys' Junior WP, Black, X-Small
  • Durable, all-purpose polytex shell with softshell trim
  • Waterproof insert
  • Ultra soft insulation; FastDry technology lining wicks away sweat
  • Reinforced digital grip palm with stick grip fingers and thumb
  • Nose wipe; adjustable wrist strap; barrel and cord cinch cuff closure


Midwest glove

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Made out of bison skin, Midwest has all qualities that bushcraft gloves should possess. The bison skin makes it tough yet very flexible.  Thin enough to pick small items but tough enough to do heavier tasks. They are the best. They may look tough but great care is taken at its dexterity. Be it the choice of material or the thumb design which offers comfort and perfect fitting. 

Moreover, the seam is double stitched which helps in grabbing things like tool or steering. The tight wrist design ensures blockage of winds or any other element.

Keeping dexterity in mind, Midwest is not provided with inner lining. They can be worn with an inner lining to give more warmth for winter outdoor activities. They are one perfect pair for all people, for all kinds of activities.

Before buying them keep in mind that they are not suitable for very cold weather. If you want them as all-season gloves then you can buy a size larger than the usual and pair it up with a liner. When wet the dye may stain your hands. Midwest lacks touch screen compatibility and requires great care while washing. They can’t be machine washed.


  • Moderately priced
  • Made of tough American bison (buffalo) skin
  • Gathered wrists
  • Thumb design provides comfort
  • Unlined for dexterity
  • Made in the USA


  • Could use more length in the wrist
  • The dye comes out on a hand when wet
  • Leather requires special care for cleaning
  • No touchscreen capability
Midwest Quality Gloves 271189 Ladies Garden Glove - Large - Pack of 12
  • Ladies Garden Glove
  • Pack of 12Specifications
  • Size: Large
  • Country of Origin: Pakistan
  • Weight: 0.13 lbs

10.Showa 282

Best Bushcraft Gloves,Showa 282 glove

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 Showa is the most technologically advanced work glove built for people involved in Transport, Public Utilities, Agriculture, Logistics, and Construction. They are an all-season glove and will keep you dry and warm. Perfectly bushcraft as they are. The acrylic liner used ensures ultimate warmth and dryness making them fit for summers as well as winters.

Looking at its features, we see that Showa is waterproof as well as windproof. These features attribute to the enhanced warmth to save you from dropping mercury. The acrylic liner provides insulation as well. They are durable enough for you to perform activities like rock climbing without worrying about the wear and tear. They are abrasion-resistant and dexterous at the same time.

Showa is loaded with features and that too at a considerable price. The new items may have some odour but that will go away with time. Showa lacks touch screen compatibility.  All in all, these shortcomings can be overlooked as for a price that the company offers it is the best bet. They are breathable, durable, waterproof and windproof. They can be your saviour during harsh conditions. A perfect bushcraft option.


  • Great Price
  • Waterproof, windproof
  • Breathable
  • Great grip
  • Ergonomic design for flexibility
  • Seamless
  • Oil resistant


  • Tight-fitting for the size
  • Some dexterity issues
  • Some odour when new
  • Not touchscreen capable
Nose Hair Trimmer Painless Precision Tool Easy to Clean Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper (Black)
  • 【High-value appearance】Mini pen-shaped body, weighs only 26g, slim and lightweight, and can be controlled with one hand. It can be put into your pocket at hand. Rounded detail processing, matte feel. A portable companion for exquisite grooming.
  • 【No damage to the nasal cavity】 The R-shaped arch cutter head is designed to cut the nose hair without hurting the nasal cavity. The floating double-edged cutter head captures multiple nose hairs in 360° omnidirectionally during the rotating process, and the open gap is more trimmed, and there is no pulling feeling when cutting and shaving. No matter how difficult it is to handle the nose hair in the nasal cavity, it can be quickly shaved.
  • 【High-speed noise reduction motor】Vibration and noise reduction micro-motor, preferably high-torque, high-speed, long-life micro-motor, and unique vibration and noise reduction structure. While ensuring the strong output power of the motor and cutting sharply, low noise becomes possible.
  • 【Micro high-efficiency motor】miniature, low-power, high-efficiency motor
  • 【Detachable and clean】Detachable body, the cutter head and body can be disassembled and cleaned after one-key rotation. Disassembly and flushing of the cutter head after nose hair construction


We hope that the review will help you in buying your perfect pair of bushcraft gloves that will keep you protected whatever the condition be.

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