10 Best Wool Gloves You Need This Winter

With the winter around the corner, comes adventures like skiing, making a snowman, and ice skating. You cannot do all this without your hands being covered and sufficiently warm. So, we decided to review some of the most famous winter gloves. We have reviewed the best wool gloves on the basis of warmth, material, softness, etc. Just for you.

List Of Best Wool Gloves In 2020



1.Icewear Fanney

 Made in Nordic design to suit all your outfits, Icewear Fanney is manufactured using a blend of 20% angora and 70% wool. These gloves are soft, light and extremely fluffy. The wool comes from Icelandic sheep which makes these gloves water repellent. The additional nylon added to the blend makes these gloves stretchable and provides a snug fit. Icewear Fanney has no space for winds and snow with wrist area knitted an inch above the wrist. It offers good deftness but doesn’t come with touch screen compatibility. All in all, we recommend you to buy these if you are a fashion freak but cannot compromise with warmth and comfort. IceWarp Fanney is one such product that is fluffy and gives you snug fit without compromising with the quality. Go get your pair for this winter and many winters to come from the link given below:



As the name suggests, Merinomink woolen gloves are made up of 100% Merino wool. These gloves are not at all bulky.The softness, comfort, and durability makes Merinomink high in demand among the consumers. Merinomink is nothing short of a masterpiece, in the price offered by the company,when it comes to woolen glove industry. With all the good features warmth is not being compromised as the fibres provide perfect insulation from the dropping temperatures. All in all Merinomink is an inexpensive product which has great value for money. Its durability and comfort makes it one of the most favourite among the users but if you are a person who cannot compromise with fashion then you have to think before buying this because Merinomink comes only in few colours. You can buy your pair without regretting it later from the link given below:






3.Fox River Ragg

 Manufactured by USA based company using a combination of 85% wool and 15% nylon,Fox River Ragg will provide you warmth and comfort when you are working outside in freezing temperature. With palm and finger area made of deerskin, FoxRiver Ragg is abrasion resistant and offers tough grip. These are designed differently for both right and left hand. Before choosing these as your winter gloves bear in mind that they are made of rough material and are unllined from the inside which might cause itchiness and discomfort. FoxRiver Ragg comes only in one colour which is very light but FoxRiver company has got you covered with these woolen gloves being compatible with a washing machine. It is suggested by us to buy FoxRiver Ragg if you are someone who works outside in harsh temperatures because it gives enough warmth. Its grip and abrasion resistant quality makes these pair best suited for work outside in falling Mercury. Buy your pair here:


4.Outdoor Research Fairbanks

These woolen gloves are made up of 100%  Merino wool which makes these gloves incredibly soft, lightweight and comfortable. These gloves are priced high and have very low value for money. Unlike the ones listed above, these woolen gloves are fingerless and may fray from the edges with time. Though these woolen gloves are machine washable but with each wash it loses its fit and cannot be worn. The use of Merino wool makes these gloves anti odor and easy to wear. Being fingerless,they provide a very good deftness and are touch screen compatible. They can best be used under regular gloves to provide extra warmth in very cold weather. All in all, we suggest you to buy these pair if you have a sensitive skin and every other woolen glove causes you itchiness. If kept nicely they will give you a long shelf life and will protect you from the dropping temperature. But if you are looking for a warm and durable pair of woolen glove then we suggest you to look for some other options available. You can buy yourself a pair if you need to work outside during the harsh temperature. Buy these here:


5.First Lite

First Lite is a fingerless woolen glove to provide warmth especially to the palm area. It is made up of Merino wool which makes it soft and light to wear. First Lite being very lightweight can be worn under your regular gloves to provide extra warmth.

The material it is made of makes these stretchable and is ready to provide the perfect grip for your outdoor work. The dexterity and touch screen compatibility is an add on because of its fingerless design. Before buying these woolen gloves bear in mind that they are not suitable for harsh temperatures.

They are not machine washable and is suggested by the company to wash them by hands. All in all if dexterity is your priority then these are one of the best option available in the market. You can buy your pair here:


  1. SmartWool

Merino wool is the favorite material of buyers when they look out for woolen gloves and SmartWool is made up of the same. SmartWool comes with a loop interior design which provides extra comfort, warmth and cushioning to the hands during harsh temperature.

The most striking feature that SmartWool hoards is the thumb and index pad that makes it a touchscreen-friendly glove. SmartWool promises to keep you warm in all your outdoor adventures.

The only drawback of these woolen gloves is that it comes in one universal size and may or may not provide you a snug fit. But they have high value for money and are light on your pockets. These can be considered as one of the best options if you are thinking of buying yourself a pair of woolen gloves. You can buy them here:



Pendleton is again a 100% Merino wool woolen gloves . These woolen gloves have been providing softness,warmth and comfort to their users for over a 100 year. Looking at the upside of this product there are many great features that Pendleton offers in its quality woolen products.The material  material used to make woolen gloves makes it waterproof which allows you to work and play in snow without worry. Moreover,the warmth and comfort in all Pendleton products including these gloves is commendable. One striking feature you will see is that it has touch screen compatibility. The stretchable cuffs provides snug fit  and warmth to the wearer.Inexpensive as these are,one downside of the product is that these run in small size therefore it is suggested to get a size larger than usual size. Also,they cannot be machine washed and it is suggested to go for dry cleaning.You can buy them here:



RefrigiWear is made out of 100% rag wool which promises to provide warmth and comfort. With being waterproof because of the wool, RefrigiWear comes with  the Thinsulate insulation which can provide warmth even in temperatures dropping below zero degree Celsius. The fleece lining adds to the warmth, comfort and softness of these gloves. Something that is to be questioned about this product is the design which is quite out of Vogue.So if you are someone who is very fashion conscious then it is suggested to not buy these. Another drawback that we found was that RefrigiWear has a poor durability but if handled properly they can give a longer shelf life and give warmth for many winters to come. You can get yourself a pair from the link given below:



Minus33 is again a Merino wool product which ready to give you warmth these winters and many others to come. Made out of 90% Merino wool,Minus33 is a cozy and comfortable option if you are looking for woolen gloves. Breathable as they are,Minus33 are waterproof as well so you can use it outdoors without any hassle.If we look at the downside of the product,Minus33 is again a fingerless glove which lacks durability.Also,the cuffs might be too tight for you depending on the size.With the certain shortcomings that this product has it is advisable to keep on mind your priorities and then go for buying these.But if warmth and comfort are your priority,you can get yourself a pair of Minus33 from the link given below:


10.Hot Shot

 Unlike the rest in the list, Hotshot uses the best combination of materials with the wool providing extreme warmth and the acrylic material, flexibility and comfort. The thinsulate insulation ensures that the palm and finger area remains heated up. The Tricot material lining is an add on to the comfort.Hotshot promises to offer you great grip with its silicone dotted palm.The perfect material blend makes it lightweight. Additionally,it is extremely breathable and offers great mobility. Talking about the downside of the product, Hotshot runs in larger sizes and may not offer snug fit and over that it isn’t waterproof and may take time drying up if wet. Another drawback of HotShot is that the wrist area is small which may hamper the warmth to that area. But with these limitations Hotshot offers a great experience and you can count on it as your life saver in winters. Buy it here:

Wrapping Up


I hope these reviews help you to find your perfect pair and fight the dropping mercury with ease and warmth.


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