11 Best Winter Gloves For Extreme Cold In 2021

Looking for best winter gloves to protect your hands from the chilly weather? Here is your ultimate guide.

We could list the top 10 reasons you need to keep your hands warm for. From holding your warm coffee to operating your smartphones, you need to free your hands for all of this. Of course, you can’t do half of your stuff with cold and clammy hands. And keeping them in your pockets forever is kinda burdensome. You need to take them out at some point. And then they will face the biting cold.

Winter gloves

This winter, do your hands a favor and buy winter gloves. It will keep your hands warm and you can do all your chores without worrying about the cold. We have prepared a detailed list to help you in making the best choice without much fuss.

List of 10 Best Winter Gloves: Review

Below is the list of 10 best winter gloves. Go through the reviews to figure the pros and cons of each product and buy the mitts which protect your hands the best.

1. Outdoor Research Alti

This is your go-to winter glove if you are one for winter explorations. Outdoor Research is reputed to manufacture products that provide ultimate warmth. And Alti is as good as the brand promises.

Outdoor Men Alti

Outdoor Alti is both waterproof and windproof. Created with GORE-TEX outer material, it will protect your palms from the biting cold. The Moonlite Pile Fleece-lined palms are breathable material so you don’t have to worry about your hands going clammy.  Rated 3.5 stars at Amazon. OR Alti can perform in below-freezing temperatures.

However, the maximum order quantity for this product is limited to 5 units per customer and orders which exceed the quantity limit are auto-canceled. Some consumers complain that the product doesn’t keep their hands warm as advertised. But the opinion on this seems to be divided as there are people who went to Artic with these winter gloves and said nothing but praises.

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Durable
  • Removable liner
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Hefty Price
  • Quantity Limit
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2. FRDM Winter Gloves

FRDM  glove is all good things. Brand Freedom is known to serve with quality. And this product doesn’t tarnish the brand’s image. With FRDM winter gloves, you can indulge in any kind of sports you wish.

The product is both waterproof and windproof. But that doesn’t mean that you will end up with sweaty palms. FRDM is made of breathable material. The durability of the product is strengthened by goat leather which ensures quality too. The 30z high pile Berber fleece insulation provides warmth in the chilliest of weather.

Looking at the drawbacks, FRDM has got only one. The lining is not touch screen compatible. Which may result in certain discomfort when you have to work with screens. But the product has a solution for that too. The mitts come with a zipper across the palms. So, you can free your fingers whenever you need them. That can feel burdensome to some. But hey, if you look at all the amazing features this winter glove holds, that just seems like a trifle you can bear with.

  • Waterproof and Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Zipper Access to Hands and Fingers
  • 30z High Pile Berber Fleece Insulation
  • No touch screen compatibility
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3. Volt Resistance- Best Winter Glove

The Volt Resistance comes with lithium batteries to lengthen the heating. And you can repurchase the batteries in case your old one dies out. Really! Technology is something.

The winter gloves have extra long cuffs that blocks air from reaching your hands. Volt Resistance is windproof and waterproof. So, forget about the winds and go out with a shield around your hands. The outside coverings enhance durability whereas the inner soft fleece lining increases insulation.

On the downside, Volt Resistance might not support hard labor. Despite made of real leather. the hand-protectors fall short when it comes to vigorous activities. But you can use them for light-daily work. Also, the gloves offer a money-back guarantee if the size doesn’t fit you. So hey, that’s a win-win.

  • Waterproof and Breathable
  • Touch-screen compatible
  • Durable and comfortable fit
  • Double layering for extra insulation
  • Perfect size
  • Batteries for increased heating
  • Not suitable for vigorous use
  • Thickness inhibits dexterity
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4. Black Diamond Mercury

If you are an ardent lover of snowboarding, this is the winter glove you need. Black Diamond is reputed to manufacture daily use winter products. The company deals with quality products. So, you can be quite sure about the product you buy.

Black Diamond Mercury

The Shell is made of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex. This increases the durability and is accompanied by Kevlar stitching increasing the life span of your mitts even more.  100% Goat Skin Palm and 100% Polyester lining provide insulation and keep the air trapped. This keeps your hands warm even in negative temperatures.

Mercury’s outer shell is lightweight, due to Pretex Shield. Amazon reviews show a conflicting opinion about the testimony of the mitts. Some claim that the size turns out to be small and it is not warm enough. There are also users who rated it 5 confirming the mentioned features. The winter gloves are abrasion-resistant, so you need not worry about how presentable they look even after harsh use.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Insert stays with removable liner
  • Lightweight
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Pretext Shield shell with 4-way stretch
  • Removable liner insulated with combination 340 g Prim aloft Gold and high-loft fleece
  • Slightly expensive
  • Size issues
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5. Burton AK

How to keep your hands warm and operate your smartphone at the same time? The answer is Burton AK gloves. It comes with a screengrab Gnar Guard leather thumb finger and index finger touchscreen compatibility.

Burton AK uses DRYRIDE Softshell fabric with an enhanced water-repellent finish. The durable and waterproof Gore Active insert is optimized for extreme breathability. The thermal core lining provides added warmth. The brushed microfiber thus keeps you warm and cozy all day long.

Some viewers complain that the product is expensive for its features. Many also pointed out the problem with the size of the fingers being unreasonable. But apart from that, it is all fine. The leather lining gives you a nice grip and you can ide ice mobiles without any fear. The brand is reputed for quality and customer service. You can trust Burton AKs for your winter gloves.

  • Touchscreen-compatible;
  • Gnar Guard leather palm is soft, supple, and breathable
  • Thermacore insulation with brushed microfiber fixed lining
  • Machine wash
  • Extended-length storm cuff;
  • Ergonomic pre-curved fit
  • Removable wrist leash
  • Size issues
  • Not warm enough
  • A bit expensive
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6. Marmot Randonnee

The features advanced by Marmot Randonnee are spectacular. The company is known for its high-quality standards. Creativity and innovations in its lineup added to the popularity of the brand.

Randonne has Gore-Tex inserts along with Thermal R insulation. That alone is enough to keep your hands warm throughout the day. Over that the gloves are waterproof and that doesn’t affect its breathability. You will be as comfortable with them on during the rains as you can be. And don’t even worry about clammy hands.

The lining contributes towards the durability of the product and protects your hands from water and wind. Marmot suffers from the universal issue of size(somehow only a few gloves manage to do well in that category). Also, the winter glove doesn’t come with many varieties.

  • Waterproof and Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Gore-Tex Inserts
  • Thermal R insulation
  • Safety leash
  • Size issues
  • Not Stylish
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7. Arc’teryx Venta

The Arc’teryx Venta winter gloves are made from a warm, exceptionally breathable N72s 3L WINDSTOPPER 3L. The gloves are cozy and comfortable with hi-loft fleece fabric.best winter gloves

The Venta Glove delivers warmth and weather protection for cross country skiing, snowshoeing or winter trail runs. It allows moisture vapor to escape, helping regulate temperature and elevating comfort inside garment. The mitts are impervious to wind and offer significant weather resistance with lighter weight protection.

The Canadian company is famous for its garment and sports lineup. The glove comes with touchscreen compatible fiber but that doesn’t last for long. Users complain that the material starts wearing off after continuous friction. The stitching also seems to be a problem with Venta gloves. Think thoroughly before investing money in this glove.

  • Breathable Material
  • Versatile high-performance designs
  • Suitable for diverse activities and conditions.
  • Waterproof Material
  • Poor touchscreen fiber
  • Non-durable
  • Poor stitching leads to discomfort
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8. Manzella All Elements 3.0

Manzella is not as warm as the other gloves of the same category. But it many amazing features to cover up for that missing attribute. The winter gloves are lightweight as well as flexible.

best winter gloves

Manzella All Elements 3.0 is 100% Polyester which ensures the durability of the product. The 2-ply softshell shell keeps your hands warm and cozy. The all-purpose mittens provide overall protection from wind and cold. However, the gloves are not water repellant in nature.

The palm of Manzella 3.0 is reinforced with an advanced PU grip. This provides flexibility and a better grip. Another likable attribute of the product is touchscreen compatibility. You can work for hours on your smartphone without giving away the warmth of your hands. On the downside, the gloves aren’t breathable and run short in size.

  • Moisture-managing microfleece lining
  • Polyester fleece insulation
  • Touchscreen Compatible
  • Mid-length cuff
  • Not suitable for below freezing
  • Doesn’t support machine wash
  • Not waterproof or breathable
  • Size issues
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9. Kinco 901T

Kinco 901T comes with golden color premium grain pigskin leather palm with premium suede pigskin back. The winter glove has double-reinforced palm patches on palm and index, middle and ring fingers. The sewing used is with Draylon thread.best winter gloves

Kinco is famous for its sportswear lineup. The glove is durable but not warm enough. If you need a glove for casual use, buy 901T. But if you are into vigorous sports, then better look for other viable options. The wing thumb design enables free movement. The polyester knit wrist and plastic pairing hook make Kinco 901T look more presentable.

Despite being known for its product quality, Kinco 901T fails to deliver it. The users complain that the mitts don’t provide the same insulation as advertised. Also, you won’t get much variety in colors. The winter gloves come with a standard yellow color. In spite of all the amazing features, the drawback still prevails. 901T isn’t warm enough for the biting cold.

  • Durable pigskin leather
  • Extra Heat keep thermal lining
  • Reinforcing leather patches
  • Sewn with Draylon thread
  • Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather
  • No choice of colors
  • Low product quality
  • Not warm enough
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10. Kombi Storm

Kombi products are conceived, developed, tested, and approved in Vermont. These winter gloves will keep you warm on all your winter adventures whether be hiking or snowball fighting.

best winter gloves


Kombi Storm promises reliable performance products fusing technical function with careful construction and thoughtful style. The mitts have all the necessities of the best winter gloves. They are waterproof, windproof and even of breathable material. The X-Loft insulation ensures that your hands stay warm.

The product suffers a major drawback in the form of its lining. The lining is non-removable and not machine washed. Keeping that aside, these fellows are all good things. It comes with a wide price range, so might want to check up on that once. Established in 1961, Kombi has been keeping hands warm and dry for over 50 years

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Know the Best Winter Gloves to Buy

  • Purpose

When you buy a glove, you must be aware of the purpose you need it for. What do you have to do in winter? Go for fun activities such as skiing, snowboarding or ice fishing? Or protection from cold so you can operate your touchscreens easily? Are you involved in some vigorous sports such as ice hockey or mountain climbing?

In all of these cases, you need to choose your winter glove accordingly. Pick the mitts which suit your purpose the best.

  • Material

The material of the glove affects its functions to a greater extent. Choose a glove with smooth lining material. One that can keep your hands both warm and dry. You don’t want your hands to be all sweaty when you put off your mitts. Also, the insulation material contributes a lot towards the warmth and functionality of the glove.

As the lining and insulation material advances in quality, the price of the product also rises. On the bright side, durability also follows. So. it is better to choose one which is durable even if a little bit pricey.

  • Protection

Your winter gloves are a shield for your hands against the adverse cold. Thus they need to protect your palms from the chilly winds and snow. The best winter gloves must be able to keep your hand warm and dry. Some gloves come with removable lining.

  • Size

No one wants a hand protector that is twice the size of your petite hands. Or worse, shorter than the length of your palms. It is best to try on the gloves before buying them. If you are making the purchase from an online store, make sure to study the size charts carefully.

The proper size and fit protect your hands and are suitable for your day to day chores. And an oversized glove is just as bad as an undersized glove.

  • Durability

The durability of any winter glove is a major attribute. You can’t invest your hard-earnd money to buy gloves which don’t even last a year. Go through the review and other stores to ensure the durability of the product. Even if the style is a liitle off, you might want to focus on the main aspect of durability.

  • Price

A glove that comes at a cheap price and offers all the necessary attributes. Let’s not fool ourselves. However, with such wide range in the market, the prices have also become manageable. And it is always better to spend more at once than spending twice that sum in many installments.

  • Other Functions

The best winter gloves offer many other functions other than just protection and warmth. Always go for winter gloves which come with extra features such as waterproof and windproof in nature. The material should be breathable in nature. Remeber you are not buying the gloves to be uncomfortable.

Now you are ready to buy the best winter gloves

Don’t be scared to take your hand out of your jacket to turn the page of your favorite book. Or to hold the hand of your Enjoy your cozy reading with these warm gloves

You have read the reviews of 10 best warmest winter gloves and the buyer’s list. You know the attributes to look for and the best products available there. Investment in gloves is a wise one as they are durable and quite efficient against the bitter cold. They give you the opportunity to indulge in as many snowball fights you want without the fear of catching flu. For overall protection, you can check out the list of best winter parkas too.

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