11 Best Welding Gloves Reviewed In 2021

Welders are no less than artists who work with heat and flames. When it comes to welding you cannot use just any work or outdoor gloves. Different kinds of welding require different welding gloves, specially designed for the purpose. There are different gloves available in the market for different types of welding like MIG, TIG, stick, plasma, etc.

We have hence got you covered by testing and reviewing some of the best welding gloves available in the market. We have reviewed them on the basis of heat resistance, insulation, dexterity, safety, and various other aspects.

Best Welding Gloves Reviewed 

 Here goes the list of gloves used in the art of welding. The reviews are done after testing and speaking to the users themselves.

1.Miller Arc Armor

Designed especially for MIG and stick welding, Miller Arc Armor is a perfect year-round glove. Armor will provide maximum protection by throwing off the heat while offering warmth during chilly winters. They are one of the best work gloves for all your welding activities. Made out of superior quality cowhide split leather and tough pigskin, Miller is very strategically designed to save you from the heat.

The gauntlet style wrist looks after the safety of the wrist area. Extra patches sewn on the back and palm provide added protection. These patches serve as an extra layer of insulation that not only attributes to added protection but also durability. The wing thumb design and one-sided fingers are designed very smartly to provide comfort, flexibility and dexterity. 100% flame-resistant wool and sewn with 100% kevlar thread attributes to unmatched dexterity and strength.

You won’t find many drawbacks in the product but some users found that it gets a bit warm after long hours of usage. The extra padding may take some time to get used to. All in all, Miller Arc Armor is one perfect glove to save you from the heat.


  •  All 100% of leather and wool fabrics
  •  Double-padded
  •  Palm has additional padding in specifically sewn locations
  •  Past the wrist demi-gauntlet style
  •  Pre-curved fingers
  •  Superior materials, fit, heat resistant Stick and MIG welding
  •  Medium expense but not for the investment and warranty


  •  A minority of consumers had extreme wear after a few months.

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Available in 21 and 23-inch size in length, Caiman is one of its kind welding gloves. They are the longest glove available in the industry made for plasma and stick welding. Looking at the material blend we see, the core is made of boarhide while America deer hide is used in the palm area. This combination makes Caiman durable and flexible.

The product is sewn with Kevlar thread which makes it heat resistant.  The reinforcements in the palm patches are made up of boarhide again which makes it durable. The same material is also used as heat-shielding patches along with the long cuffs. Caiman is smartly designed to give comfort, protection, flexibility and dexterity. The leather pulse patch saves the wrist area from excessive heat.

Caiman is a masterpiece when it comes to welding gloves as they offer protection until the elbows which most gloves don’t do. This feature although seems to bother some welders as it makes it bulky hence, hampering dexterity during fine tasks. Before buying Caiman one must bear in mind that it comes only in one size and may not be suitable for welders who need a snug fit. 


  •  Longest welding glove available
  •  Adjustable strap at the flared end provides one-size protection and fit
  •  Withstands extreme heat conditions
  •  The natural formation of hand is matched with padded leather patches
  •  Durable & flexible
  •  Length allows you to put weight on heated surfaces
  •  Fire-resistant material and Kevlar thread
  •  Affordable


  •  Extreme heat seeps through black parts

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3.Tillman 875L

Tillman 875L is one of the best stick, vertical gloves available. They are great for TIG welding professionals. Manufactured using 100% elk skin which is heat resistant making it durable and secure. The material doesn’t shrink due to excessive heat as well attributing to enhanced protection. You won’t find any negative reviews about this product. 

Moreover, the back is lined with cotton foam making Tillman comfortable and extra heat resistant. The dexterity and flexibility offered is unmatched and is attributed to its thin material. Keeping in mind the importance of dexterity in welding, Tillman is designed with additional reinforcements and straight thumb. The palms are unlined as well. The whole product is sewn using kevlar thread making it heat resistant and a perfect partner for welders devoted to their work.

The downsides of this product are hard to find and even if there are some they can be overlooked. You cannot use Tillman for overhead welding while the cotton padding is found to have worn out after some time. But these drawbacks are nothing before the unmatched quality of the product. Tillman won’t cause any discomfort even after long hours of work. They can be the best bet if you want to buy welding gloves.


  •  Made with Elkskin that provides longer, softer heat protection
  •  Kevlar thread & unlined palm
  •  Cotton/foam lining
  •  Superior flexibility and strength
  •  Undeniable heat defence and fortification
  •  TIG welding very affordable, and Warranty by the manufacturer


  •  Available only in one colour
  • Not for overhead welding
  • Cotton padding may wear off early


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One of the most superior quality MIG and stick welding gloves, Hobart Premium are extremely comfortable and highly dexterous welding gloves. Made in a form-fitting design Hobart comes with shielding patches on the knuckles to keep your hands from the high temperatures from welding machines.

Hobart is made out of natural grain leather with extra patches of pigskin along the backside and wrist area.

This makes it durable, safe and extremely comfortable. They are not lined which attributes to excellent mobility. The padding is not too thick as well. This makes it lightweight and does not cause discomfort after long hours of work. Heat resistant Kevlar thread is used for putting it all together that is for sewing.

It is suggested to buy a size larger than the usual as Hobart runs in a smaller size. There are hardly any other shortcoming in the product. They are outstanding be it in the case of comfort, durability, flexibility or insulation. They are nothing less than being perfect.


  •  Comfortable & flexible
  •  Multi-purpose welding
  •  Form-fitting
  •  Heat patches on the exterior of knuckles
  •  Extra padding across the palm
  •  Kevlar stitching and other flame-resistant materials
  •  Natural tan colour


  •  Can run small and feel snug

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5.Lincoln Electric

Made out of split cowhide, Lincoln Electric is an all-purpose welding glove. Designed to perform almost all kind of welding functions including Stick, MIG, and Flux-Core, as well as other high-temperature welding and heat applications. They promise to provide durability, safety and dexterity.

Lincoln is packed with feature to provide resistance from heat and all-around protection while you perform welding manoeuvres. Keeping in mind that the hand movement is free, Lincoln comes with kevlar and welted stitched seams attributing to Lincoln’s flexibility. The materials used are heat and flame resistant. The sock type lining and thumb pad give added protection to the welding artists.

Lincoln Electric comes in just one universal size which may be a cause of the trouble. Although the 5 inches long cuff will serve the purpose of stability, coverage and comfort. The interior lining may wear out as it isn’t stitched. Nevertheless, these shortcomings are overpowered by its ultimate quality. This long-lasting, comfortable and protective welding gloves is loved by many welders.


  •  All-leather design and construction
  •  Reinforced Kevlar thread seams
  •  Reinforced welt prevents tears
  •  Soft yet flame-resistant cotton lining
  •  Absorption of sweat along with twill interior lining
  •  Durable
  •  Reasonably priced


  •  Liner is not stitched
  •  Runs small

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Designed using shoulder split 100% cowhide leather Steiner is a famed welding glove especially for MIG welding. Gauntlet style, 23 inches long-sleeved, these gloves are built to provide security to the wearer from flames, heat and abrasion. Packed with great features Steiner is lightweight, comfortable and durable.

Talking about the features that make Steiner top-quality welding gloves, it comes with foam insulation along the back and palm area. They are seamed in lock-style using heat resistant Kevlar thread.  Steiner can stand flame and heat which makes it suitable for heavy-duty welding and heat-handling activities.

Moreover, there are not many downsides of the product as well. The stitching is not very durable but the whole durability of the product is up to the mark. They are specially designed for larger hands and small and thinner hands might feel an issue with the size. Overall, you’ll have a great experience of you buy Steiner as your welding activity partner.


  •  Designed with heavy-duty, heat-resistant materials
  •  Elongated sleeves provide all-over protection past wearer’s elbows
  •  Comfortable
  •  Flexible, and soft fit on the hand
  •  Extra material reinforcement in high-use areas
  •  Adequately priced


  •  Made specifically for larger hands
  •  Low medium quality of stitching.

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Tanox is one of the best welding gloves in terms of safety and protection. It comes with arm sleeves which is very thoughtful. Made out of 100% cowhide leather, Tanox is a 16inch long welding glove with arm sleeves to provide full arm protection. This is an all-purpose glove for all welding and heating functions.

The interiors of the glove are lined using Gunn cotton attributing to maximum temperature control and comfort. The backside of the hand, palms, fingers and thumb are doubly reinforced dispensing safety to the heat artists. All of this is sewn using heat resistant kevlar thread. The sleeves provided are made of heat resistant cotton and are elastically banded which gives a perfect fit and safety from heat and other sharp objects.

Tanox comes in one universal size which almost fits everyone. The glove may feel a bit tight during first-time use and may hamper dexterity but it is soon resolved. The leather and Gunn cotton lining attributes to this downside but they make these gloves a worth buy as well. The material attributes to comfort, safety, durability making Tanox the best quality all-purpose welding gloves.


  •  Multipurpose
  •  Comes with bonus sleeves
  •  Kevlar stitching & split cowhide leather
  •  Gunn cut t cotton lining
  •  Double reinforcement on palm, the backside of hand and fingers
  •  Winged Thumb affordable


  •  May feel a bit stiff at fingers in the starting

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Revco is another all-purpose welding glove on the list. It fits for all kinds of welding activities and provides heat resistance for higher temperatures of MIG welding as well. Made out of 100% goatskin, Revco comes with additional soft and strong drag patch which is a patent Black stallion feature attributing to its great comfort.

Moreover, the back of the hand is lined with cowhide while the palm area is lined with goatskin. This makes Revco durable and doesn’t cause any bit of discomfort.

The padded DragPatch is designed for singular hot zones with added coverage on a seamless index finger that has been added for superior welding and heat gun trigger control. Sewn in heat resistant Kevlar thread again they are welder’s choice for its durability and comfort.

The only drawback of the product is the shrinkage issues induced due to high heat MIG welding. It is hence suggested to buy the size that snug fits and yet are breathable. Nevertheless, Black Stallion is a good bet when it comes to all-purpose high-quality welding gloves.


  •  Good for all types of welding
  •  Goatskin palm & split cowhide on the side and back
  •  Reinforced and full lined palm
  •  Side DragPatch reinforcement
  •  Kevlar stitching, higher-end price
  •  Seamless index finger
  •  Reasonably Priced


  •  Shrinkage occurs in extreme heat.

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Moderately priced all-purpose welding gloves, Rapicca can be your best bet if you are looking for one new pair. Not just welding but this can be used to resist heat from all kind of heating activities such as bakery, barbecues and campfires. Rapicca is designed in four layers for all-around protection from heat and flames.

Coming to the layers, we see an outer layer of doubly padded leather strengthened using kevlar thread. The second layer is composed of flame-resistant cotton. The air-insulated aluminium foam makes the third layer. The layer next to your skin is made out of insulated cotton in view of comfort to the users. It can bear the heat for up to as high as 932°F(500℃). This is attributed to the double padding on fingers, palms, elbows and back.

Packed with great features, Rapicca comes with extensive thread stitching. The 7.5-inch long sleeve aids to full arm protection. Rapicca is a perfect pair of gloves for protection against heat from any source. Although some users found dexterity issues while others had a problem with stitching, even others with large had sizing issues.


  • Great price
  • Made of 4 layers – outside reinforced Kevlar with double leather padding, 2nd – flame retardant cotton, 3rd air-insulated aluminium foam, next to your skin – comfortable insulated cotton lining
  • Double padding on fingers, palms, elbow& backs on the gloves
  • Substantial thread stitching for advanced heat and cold resistance, sweat-absorbent, breathable, allergy-free
  • Protection up to temperatures of 932°F(500℃)
  • The extra-long sleeve of 7.5 inches to guard your arm against any harm


  • Not dexterous for some welding applications
  • Some individuals found that the gloves did not protect them from the heat, especially on the inside of the hand
  • May be tight for some large-sized hands
  • Some stitching issues

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10.US Forge 400

Made up of high-quality leather, US Forge 400 will cater all your need. One pair of Forge will not only serve as welding gloves but also outdoor work gloves. Buy it and forget about looking for another pair of specialised gloves for other purposes. 

The exterior of the gloves is made up of leather while the insides are lined using heat resistant cotton. This provides protection as well as comfort. It comes in 14-inch size and you will see people using them as oven mitts, handling wood logs for a campfire, handling animals and whatnot. They are one perfect pair for all your needs.

There are not many downsides of the product but some users found it bulky. A longer gauntlet design would have been an add on to this product. Before buying this it is suggested to be a little more conscious about the size as it may fit tight.


  • Great price
  • 14-inch gloves
  • Quality leather welding gloves
  • Cotton lined for breathability and a comfortable feel
  •  Locked stitched for added durability and protection
  • Protection from molten metal as well as ultraviolet rays


  • Tends to run small
  • Not as much heat protection for extended heat situations
  • Somewhat bulky
  • Needs longer gauntlets


We hope that these reviews will help you in finding your perfect pair if you are looking for welding gloves and love playing with heat.


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