Conclusive Guide to Best Boot and Glove Dryer

We all know how irritating it is to step into damp footwear or gloves in case they don’t get dried up. Happening especially in winters and monsoons everyone has at least once faced this annoyance. The dampness also leads to excessive odour because of the fungal and bacterial growth which is another issue that annoys not only you but also people around you.

Hence, we have got you covered by testing and reviewing some of the best boot and glove dryers available in the market. The reviews are based on different aspects like portability, drying mechanism, odour removal, drying time etc.


Best Boot & Glove Dryers Reviewed

Here goes the list of some of the best boot and glove dryers which will help you in the coming monsoons and winters by keeping your footwear and garments dry and save you from the problem caused by nasty odours.


1.Odor Stop

As the name suggests, Odor stop is one equipment for all your needs. It not only dries your shoes and gloves but also eliminates odour.  This explicitly designed device uses special ozone deodorizer. The ozone helps in killing almost all bacteria, mold, fungus, and athlete’s foot. Along with the heat, the deodorizer will remove even the nastiest of the odours.

Odor Stop comes with several fixtures that help in changing the basic structures per the size of shoes. These fixtures also modify the direction of heat. The manual provided by the company will make you understand how to handle these fixtures. What is really striking is that you can use this to warm up your outdoor gears on an extremely cold day.

The only thing that will annoy you is the drying fan which is noisy. Although it serves its purpose very well it will disturb you. This although can be fixed by the timer provided in the device. Just lock Odor Stop in a room or garage, fix the time and off you go doing your other daily chores. 


  •  Eliminates odours through a special process
  •  Has a powerful blower and heater
  •  Is adjustable for different sized garments
  •  Is easy to use
  •  Has a timer
  •  Includes a guide with helpful suggestions


  •  The powerful blower is somewhat noisy

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If you are someone who is always on the run then Peet boot dryer will be your first choice. Made especially for quick-drying, Peet can dry your equipment in one hour or so depending on the thickness. Moderately priced, Peet does not have a deodorizing function. It cannot help in removing odours.

The quick-drying is attributed to the forced upward movement of hot air into the shoes, gloves, helmets, etc.

Additionally, boot attachment available guides the hot air to the toe area. Peet comes with self-explanatory controls and a timer. This makes it very convenient to use and also helps in saving time. 

Since you cannot use it for odour elimination you have to be very careful while washing your gears so that they are odour free during use. It isn’t provided with heat directing functions as well. All in all, if you want a boot and glove dryer that gives instant then this is your best bet.


  •  Dries footwear and gloves in an hour to 4 hours
  •  Easy to use
  •  Good value


  •  Does not have a special process to eliminate odours

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3.DryGuy DX

DryGuy is another boot and glove dryer in the list used to dry a multitude of your outdoor gears. Using a forced-air system it is very quick in drying gloves and boots.DryGuy DX offers multiple temperature options and an additional heat or no heat drying function. This makes it very versatile as you can not only dry thick gloves but also delicate products.

Moreover, DryGuy comes with extension tubes so you can also modify it according to the size of the gear. It is neither spacious nor noisy, the latter attributed to its drying system.  You can dry 4 sets of footwear and gloves at one time. The timer is also available. Place your gears, set the temperature, set the timing and relax. DryGuy will do the rest.

There are a few downsides of the product that may stop you from buying DryGuy. Some users didn’t like that the extensions aren’t part of the original product and you have to order them separately. The device may topple because of the base which is quite narrow. The company doesn’t offer cover for the extra tubes in case you just need to dry one pair. Four shoes cannot be dried together without using extensions. All in all, this isn’t that good of a choice if you are looking for a quality boot and glove dryer.


  •  Runs quietly and therefore works well in the front hall that leads to a living space
  •  Heat is very gentle and therefore it is unlikely to shrink delicate material
  •  Extension tubes make the device adaptable
  •  Reasonable cost


  • The dial is very stiff. Young children require assistance to use it
  • Heat control is not adjustable
  • Extensions need to be ordered separately
  • Does not have a special process to eliminate odours

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4.Maxx Dry

Maxx Dry is a very portable boot and glove dryer. With a very affordable price range, this is a perfect device for people who don’t have large space. Maxx Dry is packed with great utility features. This is ideal for people who don’t use their boot or gloves very often.

Designed to dry one pair of footwear or glove at one time, Maxx Dry doesn’t feature quick drying. It will take around 6 to 8 hours for your gear to get fully dried as it uses convection method of heating. A boot drip tray to capture the excess water from your wet footwear or gloves is a very intelligent feature. The electricity usage is 30 watts which makes this device even more economical. Additionally, the heat can also fight odour which makes this device a worth buy.

You won’t find any drawbacks in this product if you are someone who doesn’t need to dry their gears very often. Portable and quiet it doesn’t take much time in its assembly and can be used for boots of up to 16inches. If you need to work outdoors extensively then this product is not for you.


  •  Operates quietly
  •  Easily assembled, as there are a minimum of parts
  •  Has a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty
  •  Economical to run
  •  Safe temperature


  •  Does not have a fan and this extends the drying time
  •  Drip tray comes loose
  •  Does not have a special process to eliminate odours

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Using a forced-air system and heat for drying boot or gloves, Lavieair is an affordable boot and glove dryer. Since it uses heat to dry the garments it can also function as a deodorizer by eliminating dampness. Provided with 4 extension tubes which are removable this an effective option to cater all your needs.

Lavieair is provided with switch controls to manage the temperature and blower. The timer feature is significant in saving your time. The air is warm and not extremely hot hence you can use it in drying delicate as well without the fear of their shrinkage. By using two tubes you can dry 2 pairs of the garment. Although the tubes serve their purpose customers tell that tubes get pulled out while removing heavier boots which may cause annoyance.

22 inches high, by 10 inches wide and 10 inches in depth, this dryer will give you effective results in almost two hours which is quick enough. For small spaces, although they may be a bit noisy. 


  •  Very economically priced
  •  Works well
  •  Easy to use, controls are self-explanatory


  •  Does not have a special process for eliminating odours
  •  Need to arrange the heaviest items on the bottom, so it doesn’t tip over
  •  Blower tends to be noisy
  •  No cover for the tubes, should you want to dry only 1 pair of items.

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Consisting of 4 hoses for footwear and a separate drying unit for gloves, Kendal is not a mainstream boot and glove dryer. Kendal’s lightweight and easy configuration make it very portable. When at home it can be used while being mounted on the wall or on the floor.

The very user-friendly design incorporates a timer which runs in 30-minute settings for 3 hours. The temperature blower has higher and lower power settings. As already mentioned, Kendal is known for its compactness thus making it ideal for sports enthusiasts or people who frequently go out for adventures. Just pack it and take it with you on your adventures for dry and odour free gears.

Although some of the users found its hoses to be stiff that they were not able to put the toe of the footwear. The company has not provided any cover in case some tubes aren’t in use and need to be covered. Even others found the wall mount feature to be a bit cumbersome. Nevertheless, Kendal has high value for money and is one of its kind dryers.


  •  Easy to use
  •  Can be wall-mounted, therefore less floor space needed
  •  Lightweight and portable
  •  Useful for drying most items in 3 hours


  •  Needs a cool setting, not just warm and warmer
  •  Does not have a special process to eliminate odours
  •  Needs a cover for 2 tubes if they are not in use
  •  Has a plastic smell when running
  •  Can be noisy

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Trust+tech makes Trustech and so is proved by its performance and effectiveness. With an affordable price, this boot and glove dryer will cater all your drying needs be it drying any kind of footwear or other outdoor equipment. Lightweight and quiet, Trustech’s feature won’t leave you unimpressed.

The assembly and use of the device are just so user friendly. You just need one electrical outlet for power supply. Set it for 3 hours using the timer feature and forget about it. Meanwhile doing your daily chores. Not specialised to remove odour the heat used for drying will remove all the nasty smells caused due to dampness. 

Overall, this product is one of the best amongst the others in the list for drying all your footwear and other equipment. You will hardly find any shortcomings in the product. This can be your best bet at the price offered with such great features.


  • Good price
  • Whisper-quiet
  • 180 minute drying time
  • Built for 2 pairs of items
  • Timer option, set and forget


  • Hard to find

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Jobsite can be called an old school boot and glove dryer for old school users. A very basic design without a timer, control switch and heat controls, this is effective in drying garments if you have enough time in your hands. If you have an entire night and just one pair of footwear or glove then this will work effectively.

As already said, it is a very basic dryer with no blower and drying being attributed to thermal air currents or convection. Since the temperature due to this doesn’t go really high it is very decent at drying delicate garments. You can keep it in your bedroom and sleep as it does not cause any noise because of the absence of a blower. It can be used to warm your garments before going out in chilly winters which is an additional feature.


There aren’t any drawbacks in the product. Although the old school design without timers and slow drying become shortcomings for some users. You need to keep an eye for switching it off by pulling the plug. There is a blue light which alerts if the dryer is working or not. Overall, sturdily built Jobsite is an effective dryer with various other functions like removing the odour and warming up the garments.



  • 2-year warranty
  •  Easy setup
  •  Compact design does not take up a lot of space
  •  Extension tubes are available for purchase
  •  Economical for cost and electricity usage


  •  Slow drying time, possibly overnight is needed
  •  Toe extension comes off with the boot
  •  Needs a timer
  •  Does not have a special process to eliminate odours

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Manleido is a quick-drying boot and glove dryer known for its portability. The foldable structure makes it convenient for home, office, car and even travel. Since it can be folded it doesn’t use much space. The reconstruction is also very easy. Set the time, a total of 120 minutes are marked on the dial, and it’s heater and blower combination will erase all the dampness.

Looking at the features, Manleido comes with a drying mechanism that circulates the air to the top of the extension tubes for overall drying. The extension tubes mentioned are built-in and can be easily folded for storage convenience. A facility to adjust the angles of extension tubes makes it easy to handle heavier garments. Heat control feature is not available but a dial to control heat time is provided.

The limit of drying just one pair at a time may bother some users but since it is a blower and heater combination it dries garments very quickly. The noise, although is a price that you have to pay for quick drying. The noise is attributed to the blower system. If not used properly the device may topple because of its small base. The company has given a strict warning that says: “DO NOT: expose the dryer to rain, spray or liquids.” You got to handle Manleido properly.


  •  Small and portable, can easily be taken on trips
  •  Folds up for storage
  •  Affordable
  •  Has both heat and a drying blower


  •  The blower is noisy, especially for small homes or apartments
  •  Suitable for 1 pair of shoes or gloves only
  •  Can be unstable for large items
  •  Does not have a special process to eliminate odours

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10.Dr Prepare

Another quick-drying electric dryer in the list, Dr Prepare is a compact dryer which can only be used to dry boots. You cannot use it for gloves. With a user-friendly design, this heater and a blower combination will dry your garments quickly. The time control provided with a maximum of 120 minutes Mark is suitable for drying one pair at a time.

Talking about the design of the product, the extension remains attached all the time but is easily foldable making Dr prepare a very compact option. The extension tubes make it very easy to dry longer boots. The heat removes all the odour and hence it serves as a deodorizer. The circulating air is warm, not hot which makes it fit for delicate garments.

With a straightforward configuration that involves timer controls and no heat settings make Dr prepare very easy to use. Just set the time and leave it, the rest will be done by the device itself. Since temperature cannot be adjusted it cannot achieve higher temperatures for quick drying. The restriction of one pair at a time is also found bothers some users. Although these are few drawbacks this product is still worth buy.


  •  Very affordable
  •  Foldable
  •  Very easy to use
  •  Includes a blower and heater


  •  Only 1 pair of footwear at a time
  •  Needs to be balanced carefully when drying heavier items
  •  The blower is noisy in confined areas
  •  Does not have a special process to eliminate odours

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We hope that this review will help you in finding a boot and glove dryer fit for you. So the next time you go out somewhere your gears and garment don’t annoy you with the dampness and the resulting odour.

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