10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves Review 2021

Looking for best goalkeeper gloves to wear in your next big game? The right gear is always needed to enhance your performance. Here is your ultimate guide to the best pair.

For being a good goalkeeper, you need great mental strength and gloves. Physical agility, confidence, and superior hand-eye coordination make a prominent goalie. And a goalie’s hands need to be protected. He inspires others and it won’t be a good thing for the team if their goalie is injured. Thus a goalkeeper always must have hand protectors on.

List Of 10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves

We have prepared for you the list of top 10 soccer goalie gloves that will work as a protective cover without hindering your performance. Go through the pros and cons of each product and buy the pair which fits perfectly and proves to be a great assistance and safeguard.

1. Reusch Supreme G3 Fusion-Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Reusch has been in the sports market for over 85 years. The internationally operating company is among the world’s most distinguished mainstream glove manufacturing companies. The brand is reputed for producing sports gloves and other quality sports apparel. Reusch is one of the top and most expert companies in manufacturing winter and goalie gloves. The brand has offered a new model in the form of Supreme G3 Fusion.

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The Supreme G3 soccer goalie gloves make the use of G3 fusion foam. This allows an excellent grip over the ball. It also increases the life of the gloves. The fusion foam absorbs the shocks while catching a speeding ball. It prevents your wrist from being sprained. The high-quality gloves protect your hands from all sorts of impacts. Reusch offers both quality and performance. These hand covers are a perfect example of it. The glove uses the Airvent system which allows the free flow of air and thus prevents sweating.

The goalie gloves are protected with ORTHO-TEC patent. It thus safeguards every inch of your hands, from thumb to fingers, to the wrist. The price of the glove is a bit on the high side but this brand has features to boast of. With the advanced shock shield system, it offers flexibility as well as freedom of movement. However, if you can’t afford to have this superior goalie gloves despite its amazing attributes, we still have many options available for you.

  • Airvent System
  • ORTHO-TEC protection
  • G3 Fusion Foam
  • Shock shield system
  • Breathable and Flexible
  • Very heavy on the wallet
Reusch Attrakt Grip Junior Goalkeeper Gloves, Size 5
  • EXPANSE CUT: Outer seams enlarge the palm surface of this flat cut and so increase the latex-to-ball contact area
  • THUMBFLEX TECHNOLOGY: A cut in the palm latex between thumb and index finger optimizes the flexibility of the thumb and ergonomic shape of glove
  • ELASTIC CUFF: This well-proven closure based on highly elastic textile guarantees a great fit and wrist support
  • FULL STRAP CLOSURE: Reusch's tried and tested fastening system all around the wrist for maximum stability and comfort

2. Uhlsport Radar- Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Uhlsport focuses solely on soccer equipment. The regional soccer culture company has a profound emotional connection to soccer. The autonomous company has been serving for years now and has loyal clients. The soccer goalie gloves offered are of top quality and promise to enhance your performance game after game.

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Uhlsport Radar hand covers offer a superb grip. They also prove advanced protection. Combined together these features provide you an extra edge over the others. You can catch the speeding ball as well as hit it easily without worrying about sprains or injuries. The Uhlsport goalie gloves are super flexible with enough space for free movement.

Another advantage of having these gloves is their breathable nature. With Uhlsport Radar hand covers your hands will be dry and moisture-free. The gloves are embedded with 3D design. It amplifies the stylish look and the brilliant grip. There is no fitting issue with the gloves as it comes with a semi-elastic strap. The only downside of this product is that it uses Lycra as the main fabric. But this is not a problem for everyone. If you don’t have any fabric allergies, then these hand protectors are the best for you.

  • Excellent Grip
  • 3D embossed pattern
  • Breathable and flexible
  • Semi-elastic strap
  • No size issues
  • Advanced protection
  • Lycra as the main fabric
uhlsport Pure Force Absolutgrip HN Goalkeeper Gloves Size 7
  • Are you looking for the worlds best foam?
  • 80% of our pros use ABSOLUTGRIP. Our patented latex is at its best in dry conditions but will not let you down when playing in wet weather.
  • So what does that give you? Absolute grip. Absolute durability. Absolute safety.

3. Storelli Exoshield Gladiator Pro 2- Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Storelli Exoshield Gladiator Pro 2- Best Goalkeeper Gloves

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Imagine a soccer goalie glove designed by a player. Wouldn’t that be the best? Afterall only a player can know best what is actually required from the hand covers. Well, the founder of Storelli was one such person. A former soccer player with a Ph.D. in Biophysics started the company in 2010. The brand is based on the perfect blend of field experience and science. The company is reputed to deliver affordable and durable sports apparel.

Exoshield Gladiator takes full care of your comfort and protection. A 3.5 mm super soft German latex with 3mm of impact-absorbing foam is used in the palm of the glove. Even the backhand uses 3.5 mm latex with special polybutylene punch holes. These features together absorb shocks when you catch an incoming ball or hit it. And that is not all. There are special embossing at vital flex points on the palm to prevent the latex from bunching.

Storelli Exoshield offers a feature of removable finger spines. These can be customized as comfort and prevents injuries. The mesh used for manufacture is breathable. It keeps your hand dry and cool. The company does not compromise on safety. The goalie gloves even have latex around the thumb for added protection. The Gladiator Pro gloves are a unisex product and are super sticky and flexible.

  • Overall protection
  • Absorbs impacts
  • Blend of experience and science
  • Removable finger spines
  • Breathable and Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Size issues
  • Expensive

4. Rinat The Boss Pro- Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Rinat The Boss Pro- Best Goalkeeper Gloves

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Another company which was founded by a goalkeeper. Rinat started its operations under the leadership of a former Mexican goalie sin 1986. The company is a renowned name in the gloves market. Rinat is demanded and supplied worldwide. With all its amazing features, this goalkeeper glove in an important gear to have.

A favorite of the players, The Boss pro uses latex and neoprene for its manufacture. The material is used over certain parts of the fingers and punch zone. It lessens the direct impact on your hands when you save or hit a ball. For the same purpose, there is an anti-slip gel across the knuckles. It spreads the shock over the entire palm and thus lessens the force. This decreases the chance of sprains and bruises.


The cut of the hand cover is ergo-roll with slight adjustments. A German latex protects the palms and cushions it. It ensures a firm grip over the ball. The anti-slip gel that is spread across the knuckles is embedded on the inside of the latex. It wicks sweat off your hands. The Boss Pro features a 360 brooch wrist wrap with a neoprene fit. It saves the hassle of putting the gloves on and off. The glove is available in five sizes. The product also offers five colors to choose from.

  • Advanced Grip
  • Ergonomic
  • Five sizes and colors
  • Affordable and Unisex
  • Not durable
  • No Removable Parts

5. Renegade GK Fury- Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Renegade GK Fury- Best Goalkeeper Gloves

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Make way for the official goalkeeper’s glove of the National Premier Soccer League.  Renegade GK provides the highest quality and the best value in gloves for every player and every level. The company has launched Fury series, a level-4 Champion glove. It uses Roll-fingers, Roll-Negative Hybrid and Flat Gecko cuts. Altogether these make the most comfortable glove.


The goalkeeper gloves are equipped with Endo-Tek Pro finger saves. The palm is coated with a 3mm German Giga grip. Combined in one, they make a strong and sturdy grip. Fury offers a total of 6 different cuts. Some of the cuts last longer than the other designs. There is also a Fingersave zipper where goalies can add or remove fingersaves. The body of the hand cover is designed with 6D Airmesh. You can quite imagine the comfort and breathability offered by the glove.

A Neoprene bandage double wraps the wrist which is closed with Velcro. There is also a Nylon strap puller on the outside. The gloves are hand-washable and come with a 30-day warranty. These gloves can be used in almost every weather however they don’t last long. These gloves must be accompanied by multiple gloves for various purposes. As for this one, its prime feature is protection.

  • 6 different cuts
  • Spanish Latex on the backhand
  • Endo-Tek fingers
  • Superior Padding
  • German Giga Grip
  • Not durable
UWEIDOIT LED Gloves, Flash Finger Lights Gloves, 5 Colors 6 Light Modes Colorful LED with Non-Slip Silica Gel Palm Grip for Gift, Outdoor, Hiking, Traffic Controller
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  • 5 Color 6 Different Modes: Each glove glows orange, green, red, white and blue in 6 different modes. You can tap the switch of the gloves slightly and it would flash with colorful lights. High bright LED beads in each finger, which make an amazing and exciting lighting effect.
  • To Be The Most Shining One on The Stage: The wonderful LED glove for putting on amazing light shows for friends or just staying visible during low light circumstances, which will make your party experience VERY COOL! you’ll be the most striking person in the group. Perfect suitable for light show, dancing , clubbing, rave, birthday, disco, party.
  • Anti-slip Palm & Multi-Purpose: Silica gel grips on the palms let you have superior hold for items while doing sports.It is suitable for cycling, riding, running, racing, gardening, motorcycle, hiking, ,fitness, exercise, driving, workout, road cycling, mountain biking, driving, and many other outdoor activities
  • Package Included : It is equipped with 2 pieces CR2016 batteries in each glove, Easy to replace the battery. Open the velcro hidden in the wrist of the gloves, take out the white battery pack then you can replace the battery easily. If you receive defective product or meet any problems, please feel free to contact us.

6. Varzist- Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Varzist- Best Goalkeeper Gloves

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The mission of Varzist is to provide high performance and fantastic products. The company is renowned as one of the industry’s leading sports equipment manufacturers. These gloves promise to improve your performance in the game. The company boasts to have the trust of the best goalkeepers in the world. With all its stunning features, this pair is a must for your game.


The glove comes with a 3 mm German Latex foam palm with 2 mm back foam. This reduces the impact of the speeding ball during saves and throws. The mew improved BACKBONE finger save system helps prevent Hyper-Extension and finger injury. The hand covers have a breathable mesh glove body and finger gussets. Print embossed EVA backhand. The wrapped thumb offers optimum ball contact zone while the laterally wrapped backhand improves glove shape and comfort.

The elasticized wrist cuff and embossed EVA wristband offer fantastic support. This is a high-quality goalkeeper glove suitable for training and match play; from junior trainees to high school all the way to adult soccer; indoor and outdoor. Overall, this a great accessory to have for your important game or just for the daily plays.

  • 3 mm German Latex foam
  • Print embossed
  • Elasticized wrist cuff
  • Breathable and Affordable
  • Non-durable
Reusch Pure Contact Fusion Junior Goalkeeper Gloves, Size 7 , Yellow/Blue
  • R-GRIP FUSION FOAM PALM: R-Grip Fusion Foam provides to the best grip ever n a Reusch glove. The fusion latex is sprinkled with hard ground and soft ground foam for greater grip and durability
  • NO FINGER PROTECTION: No finger spines in this junior glove
  • BACKHAND TECHNOLOGY: The FreeFlex backhand is made of perforated neoprene with very small and thin silicone applications, to not impair the stretch and flexibility in any way
  • GLOVE CUT: Evolution Negative Cut - Negative cut finger body with roll finger tips. This cut compliments the lightweight nature of the Freeflex material and allows for the second skin like feel
  • WRIST CLOSURE: Neoprene asymmetric slip-on cuff with integrated half stretch strap to allow easy entry to the glove

7. Brine King Match 3X- Best Goalkeeper Gloves


Brine King started from Lacrosse but soon the company spread its roots into Hockey and Soocer products. The company has prominently established its name among the professionals too. The brand has the trust of its customers for over 60 years now. Brine King has been known to deliver quality products.

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This glove is probably the most durable you’ll come across. And that too within your budget. The mesh used for the body of the glove is breathable and thus keeps your hands dry. The finger gussets protect against injuries and sprains. Brine King uses embossed EVA with an improved backbone system for the backhand. For added protection, there is the feature of wrapped thumb to prevent hyper-extension and provide thumb protection.

Brine King comes in 8 sizes and offers 5 colors to choose from. You can wear these gloves to your regular training or the big match and they still won’t fall apart. However, the gloves lack a very important feature, that is, the grip. This is because of the sizing issues. But if you are able to get the right size for you, consider the problem solved.

  • Excellent Durability
  • Versatile Use
  • Breathable
  • Affordable
  • Size issues
  • Inadequate grip
Brine King Match 3X Goalie Glove-Red/Bk/Wh (PR)
  • Brine King Match 3X Goalie Glove-Red/Bk/WhFeaturesBackbone finger-protection technology prevents hyperextension and offers flexibility and comfortMesh between fingers increases breathabilitySuperior super-sticky latex foam for sure grip

8. Blok IT- Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Blok IT- Best Goalkeeper Gloves

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Need a perfect blend of protective and effective goalie gloves? Blok It is your answer. The hand covers provide long-lasting protection and also deliver excellent grip and comfort. The gloves have many features that make it a must for your matches.


Blok It goalkeeper gloves are designed with an air-flowing material. It wicks sweat off your hands and keeps them cool and dry. This glove can be donned by a beginner as well as a pro. For protection, the gloves come with finger saves and extra padding. A 4mm foam protects the fingers, palm and back of the hand. These safeguard your hands against all kinds of sprains and injuries. Blok It features a quick release Velcro wrist support which acts as shock absorbers for saves and throws.

The materials used for the manufacture of Blok It are of a durable nature. The flexibility of these gloves along with the breathable mesh provides comfort to the wearer. The brand offers many sizes and colors for the perfect fit. On the downside, the inconsistent size of the gloves creates an issue. The small size may restrict free movement. And no goalie would like it.

  • Durable
  • Advanced protection
  • Unisex
  • Breathable material
  • Wrist Support
  • Size issues
  • Hand wash
Storelli Silencer Sly Goalkeeper Gloves | Soccer Goalie Gloves with Finger Spines | Enhanced Finger and Hand Protection | Black & Yellow | Size 9
  • PROTECTIVE GOALKEEPER GLOVES: High-performance soccer gloves for goalkeepers, armored with premium German latex and built-in finger spines (including thumbs) for enhanced finger protection. Includes 2 gloves (1 pair) and a breathable glove bag.
  • BUILT-IN FINGER SPINES: Features 5 built-in (removable) plastic finger spines to reduce the risk of injury and protect fingers from jamming and bending backward. Full wrist wrap provides added comfort and security.
  • PREMIUM GRIP & IMPACT PROTECTION: Engineered with 3mm of impact-absorbing foam padding for extreme palm protection and 3.5mm of high-grade Storelli New Basic German premium latex and moulded punch zones for advanced ball control.
  • ERGONOMIC PALMS & SUPERIOR GRIP: Negative roll palm cut with roll thumbs (extra latex thumb wrapping) provides superior, tacky ball grip, while ergonomic palms provide enhanced flexibility. Maximizes performance for competitive goalkeepers.
  • BREATHABLE & SNUG: Tight fit with neoprene backhand panels ensure maximum comfort for a dry performance in all conditions. These gloves feature a sleek design with Storelli branding. Fabric composition: Latex, Polyester, Neoprene, Nylon.

9. Fits T4 Gloves

Fits T4 Sports is one of the industries that has established a reputation in the sports market. Over the years, the company has maintained good customer relations by serving quality products. The company deals in various sports products and has a long history of expertise.

Fits 94 goalie gloves

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The goalie gloves are embedded with 3 mm German latex foam. It absorbs shocks and reduces the impact when catching the ball. Fits T4 gloves come with double wrist safeguard. This protects both hands and wrists from sprains. The hand covers are flexible in nature. It allows free movement of hands. For added protection, the gloves have five spines at the backhand. It prevents your fingers from bending backward.

The product is lightweight and is also affordable in nature. However, if you want a pair that can last after numerous games, you will not be satisfied with the product. The stitching of the product frays after a short period. The material used is breathable but the longevity of the glove is a big issue.

  • Advanced Protection
  • Perfect Grip
  • Five spines
  • Double Wrist safeguard
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Non-durable

10. Valorsports Pro

Another company that has gained customers’ support and trust over the years. Valorsports is reputed for manufacturing professional goalie gloves. These gloves have many fantastic features to offer. The company uses a blend of innovation and experience to deliver the best products.

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The goalie gloves feature a backbone finger protection system. It safeguards your fingers against sprains and injuries. Imagine the ball speeding towards you. With this feature, you can grip the ball without worrying about your fingers bending. Apart from the advanced protection system, the hand covers also tick all the boxes when it comes to providing maximum grip. They offer high dexterity which not only enhances your grip but also gives freedom of movement.

The glove only has one demerit. But on the rough fields, it overshadows all the upsides of the goalie gloves. The gloves are not very durable. There have been user complaints about the poor stitching of the hand covers. The seams also wear off after continuous use. But apart from that, you won’t find a single thing wrong with these goalie gloves.

  • Backbone finger system
  • Maximum protection
  • Advanced grip
  • Color choices
  • Not durable
XJST Grade Boxing Gloves for Men & Women, Pro Training Gloves, Fight Gloves Boxing for Sparring, Kickboxing, Fighting, Punch Bags,White
  • Performance: Adult boxing gloves for women and men are made from high-quality super lightweight and durable material which makes your punches fast and precise while design ensures your focus and safety
  • Durable Long Lasting: Our boxing gloves is made from high-quality and durable material that makes it last long and withstand tough and intense workouts for months without any worries
  • Safety: Foam padding extends fully to wrist to give firm support and prevent common wrist injury. Close fitting wrist design with longer & wider Velcro closure makes for a stronger wrist
  • Ergonomic Design: It incorporat easy clean inside fabric properties which keeps the hands dry and safe. Designed according to the needs of professionals around the globe
  • Service Policy: If you have any problems with your purchase of any kind do not worry, just reach us out & we got your back

Know the Best Soccer Goalie Gloves To Buy

Before making a purchase of soccer goalie gloves, you should be clearly definite of what you want. You must be aware of the purpose you’ll be requiring the hand covering for. Apart from the 10 best mentioned above, you’ll also find a plethora of choices.

Some gloves offer more protection than others with padding in the right places. While some gloves offer excellent grip. Here is how you can choose which pair suits your requirements the best and comes with all the favorable features.


The construction of a goalie determines its protection level. The backhand of the best soccer goalie glove will always he heavily padded. But that need not mean that it will be bulky. There are many brands that deal in lightweight gloves that offer maximum protection. The material used for constructing the fingers must be flexible and able to enhance your grip.

  • TYPE

There are three types of goalkeeper gloves available in the market- game, training and all-weather. Game gloves must have a smooth palm for they usually have a clinging material. Training gloves, on the other hand, have embossed palms. These are more durable but the grip is less than the game gloves. Both the game and training gloves can be all-weather.


The top four cut designs are flat, rolled, negative, and hybrid. Flat fit provides a wider range of flexibility whereas Rolled cut provides a tighter fit. Negative cut provides the tightest fit and is suitable for thinner hands. Hybrid cut is a mix of different types of cuts.

You have gone through the reviews and the buying list. Now you know how to get the best soccer goalie gloves. Go ahead and choose a pair that enhances your game.

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