10 BEST MOTORCYCLE GLOVES: Your ultimate guide

Looking for Motorcycle Gloves to protect your hands and give a firm grip while you ride the wild roads? Here is your ultimate guide.

If you are a bike rider whether a beginner or a pro, you need three essentials, to begin with. Now people usually take the first two i.e. helmet and jacket in account. But most bikers are likely to ignore the third essential which happens to be a pair of gloves. But motorcycle gloves are as good an investment as the other two. It provides a good grip which ensures a delightful riding experience. The gloves safeguard your skin and absorb the vibrations. Overall they lead to a safe and comfortable ride.

List of 10 Best Motorcycle Gloves: Review

We have prepared for you the list of top 10 motorcycle gloves that will keep your hands safe while you set out on a tough ride. These gloves provide you the perfect balance between protection and functioning. Go through the pros and cons of each product and buy the pair that provides a fineness to your biking skills.

1. DAINESE 4 Stroke Evo

Certified to CE category II, the Dainese 4 Stroke EVO Gloves are designed for sport riders that are looking for track level protection in a short cuff package. These gloves maintain the same ergonomics and level of protection as their race-bred brethren.

DAINESE 4 Stroke Evo gloves

Manufactured od cowhide leather and goatskin palm, this is the safest motorcycle glove in the market. The 4 Stroke Gloves have composite stainless steel and TPR inserts. The composite inserts are in preformed Stainless Steel with external little finger reinforcements. 4 Stroke Evo also has a Thermoplastic Resin on the knuckles and back. The glove takes complete care of your hands’ safety with inserts in Thermoplastic Resin on the Outside of the little finger and at the joints of the fingers.

That is not all. 4 Stroke Gloves also has Distortion Control on the little finger and inserts in Thermoplastic Polyurethane on the palm and the cuff. This prevents your hands from getting sweaty and sticky. The brand boasts of Daineses Distortion Control System for overall protection. The grip and tactile feedback have been improved using micro-injections on the fingertips and the reinforced leather palms offer superior protection and feel. The preparation on the inside of the fingers also help in maintaining a good grip over the handle.

  • Composite inserts in preformed stainless steel
  • Thermoplastic resin on the knuckles and back
  • Inserts in thermoplastic resin at the joints of the fingers
  • Distortion Control on the little finger
  • Tightening strap
  • Needs breaking in
  • Bulky
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2. Alpinestars GP Plus R

Founded in 1963, Alpinestars has built a reputation of innovation and prestige. Now, fifty years later, Alpinestars is synonymous with quality, protection, technology, and style. Alpinestars develops world-class technical apparel and footwear for all forms of motorcycling, auto racing, and action sports as well as offering a large range of stylish casual clothing.


Constructed from supple and durable full-grain cow and goat leather, these GP Plus R gloves are CE rated. With full updated ergonomic shaping and design details, the GP Plus R gives the most demanding sports rider protection, feel, flexibility and comfort. This innovative and protective leather and multiple-material construction affords a secure and precise fit and features Alpinestars patented finger bridge to prevent contortion and finger separation.

However, these gloves require a longer period for breaking in. But since these are track gloves, they are supposed to be stiff. The Alpinestars Dynamic Friction Shield used in the palm area absorbs shocks and vibrations. The biggest drawback of this biking glove is that they are not touchscreen compatible. Apart from that taking all features into view, these are certainly one of the top motorcycle gloves.

  • Perforation holes on knuckles and thumb
  • Overall Protection
  • Stylish and Comfortable
  • Various Colors
  • Requires breaking in
  • Not touchscreen-friendly
  • Pinch on the little finger
  • Not durable
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3. KLIM Induction

KLIM Induction gives you the vintage biker’s look. The fully vented leather gloves surely will provide your hands with the protection it needs during the ride. These gloves have all the features you look for in a motorcycle glove.



KLIM gloves are heavily perforated for immense airflow. Thus your hands don’t get sweaty and you are able to have a firm grip on the bike’s handle. The hard knuckle matte carbon fiber protector prevents injuries and rashes. KLIM also has an added Poron XRD knuckle protection. The durability of the biking glove is enhanced by the exterior top and bottom stitching on fingers. The biker’s glove also has attributes for comfort. The KWIK-Access dual adjustment entry and YKK auto-lock zipper make it easier to wear and take off. The entry assist pull loop helps you in having a snug fit.

The best thing about KLIM motorcycle glove is that it offers an e-touch smart device functionality. The brand uses 3M Scotchlite reflective material for biomotion recognition. These gloves are mostly suited for warm and hot weather as they do not have insulation. There is a visor wiper on the index finger so you need not need additional cloth. The gloves are imbedded with KLIM-engineered rider grip articulation. The gloves fall a bit on the expensive side but with all the amazing features they offer, it definitely seems a bargain.

  • Durable and Breathable
  • Zipper and Loop Closure
  • Touch screen Compatible
  • Index Finger Visor Wiper
  • Knuckle Armor
  • Size issues
  • Expensive
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4. Scorpion SG3 MKII

This is one for gauntlet-look fans. The SG3 MKII is a long gauntlet leather sport bike glove that has great dexterity and serious protection. These gloves take the protection feature way too seriously. And it offers all of it at a really affordable price. SG3 boasts to be the next generation of the highly successful SG3 glove. It offers high-end protection and great dexterity and fit in a full-length gauntlet. Made with top quality goat leather, these motorcycle gloves are suited for both track and street use. The premium goat leather is supple, yet offers a lot of protection against abrasions. The carbon fiber reinforced TPU hard knuckles protect the back of the hand, while the KNOX SPS palm sliders allow the hands to slide along pavement instead of catching and sending you tumbling.

Scorpion SG3 MKII gloves

Superior SG3 has TPU armor on the fingers and wrist, as well as extra leather overlays and padding along the fingers, palm, and pinky. All these offer additional protection to your hands. KwikTouch areas on the index finger allow you to operate touch screen devices without taking your gloves off. The downside of the biking glove is the poor stitching which negatively affects its durability. The glove is also too narrow which may not favor many customers.

  • Touchscreen Compatible
  • Affordable Price
  • For street and track
  • No break in required
  • Narrow and small cuff
  • Poor stitching
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5. Venture Heat 12V

Venture Heat 12 volts Heated Carbon Street Gloves combines style, warmth, and performance together to create a motorcycle glove you are sure to enjoy. These gloves are aimed at the track riders and riders who love to have an adventure on their motorbikes.

Venture Heat 12V gloves


The gloves come with carbon fiber knuckles for maximum protection. On the inside, you will find 3M Thinsulate Insulation and a waterproof membrane to keep your hands warm and dry. You can turn on the heat by simply touching the on-board temperature controller. The glove offers 3 different heat settings. This built-in temperature controller makes it the perfect biking glove for the winters. The heating zones placed on the perimeter of the hand for better-heated coverage

There is also a waterproof membrane so you can ride even in light drizzles. But there have been user complaints that the wet glove creates discomfort for the riders. If you need to pull over and take a call, you will love the touch screen capabilities that allow you to use your phone without having to take your gloves off. These heated motorcycle gloves will keep your fingers for as long as you can ride.

  • Touchscreen Compatible
  • Three different heat settings
  • Flexible and Breathable
  • Waterproof membrane not trustworthy
  • Bulky
  • No color option
  • Inadequate Protection
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6. Shima Caliber

Shima Caliber is articulately designed to mirror the vintage style. The gloves are available in traditional brown and black colors. Shima is one of the youngest companies in the world of big motorcycle brands. They have been catering to the needs of motorcyclists from different parts of the World since 2009.

The A++ leather guarantees the highest level of safety for abrasion and tearing which could provide motorcycle gloves. The hard main protector is additionally reinforced with Tempra foam. The scaphoid bone is protected by an absorber made of PORON XRD foam, which absorbs more than 70% of the impact power. There is a perforated leather on the large area of the motorbike glove, so you can feel a breath of fresh cool air on hot summer days. Holes are carved in the leather to create a special retro look.

Shima uses GRIP+ system for gloves. GRIP+ system is a design feature that provides optimal grip by ensuring the side of the glove is perfectly shaped to conform to the line of the handgrip. By keeping the fingers taut, and the back of the hand lose, GRIP+ improves safety, comfort and ensures the longevity of your gloves. The biking glove comes with a pulling strap to not make it cumbersome. The vintage style of Caliber motorcycle gloves, guarantee you a great look on any Cafe Racer or Harley Davidson motorcycle.

  • Protection and Ventilation
  • Comfortable and Unique
  • No break in Required
  • CE Rated
  • Not touchscreen compatible
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7. Indie Ridge

indie Ridge offers genuine leather motorcycle gloves that make riding safer, more comfortable, and stylish. Whether you’re riding around town or taking off cross country, it protects your hands from bugs, debris, cool weather, and accidents. All the while maintaining a great riding experience.


Indie Ridge GLOVES

These high-quality leather gloves protect hands and fingers during motorbike rides during the summer, fall, and cool weather. Crafted with vintage cowhide leather, these camel riding gloves offer style and durability made for riders enjoying the open road. These form-fitting leather motorcycle gloves come in large and XL sizes and flex and bend along with your fingers for better grip stability. The top of each glove features reinforced knuckle protection to cover against bugs, rocks or debris kicked up from cars or unfortunate accidents. Indie Ridge motorcycle gloves are backed by superior quality assurance and trusted customer service for a risk-free purchase.

These motorcycle gloves offer superior style and protection without sacrificing comfort, flexibility, or durability. These camel leather riding gloves each feature arch-shaped knuckle protection, while still offering plenty of flexibility and movement for turning the throttle or pulling the hand brake. These motorcycle gloves are lightweight, breathable, and provide superior dexterity; even with the enhanced strength and abrasion resistance. Great for all-weather wear, they even feature a touchscreen forefinger to give you more control over your smartphone without taking off your gloves.

  • Genuine Leather Craftsmanship
  • Flexible and Smart Grip
  • Hardened Knuckles 
  • Unbeatable Quality Guarantee
  • Adjustable, Non-Slip Velcro Cuffs
  • Breathable and Comfortable
  • TouchPad Forefinger (Mobile Device)
  • Enhanced protection
  • Smarter Flexibility
  • Not for chilly weather
  • No choice of color
  • Not windproof
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8. Cortech Duster

Protect your hands and improve your ride with the classy motorcycle gloves of Cortech Duster. These gloves present a traditional look but they are no less than their contemporaries when it comes to performance. Cortech offers many wonderful features which are listed below.


These gloves are crafted in Retro Cafe Racer inspired design with rustic leather for warmer to mild weather riding. Manufactured of durable and supple 0.7-0.8mm goatskin leather backhand, palm, fingers, and fourchettes, these gloves provide you warmth. It also has perforated fingers for increased ventilation. In addition to this, the pre-curved fingers improve comfort, dexterity, and help reduce hand fatigue. The gloves come with light padding in the palm with leather reinforced thumb and index finger for increased durability and comfort.

Cortech Duster has accordion-style padded knuckles that offer protection, style, and flexibility. These absorb the vibrations and don’t disrupt your smooth ride. The biggest downside of these gloves is that they are not touchscreen compatible. While that may seem like a trifle in front of these mammoth advantages, some bikers don’t like to take off their gloves every time to check their mobile phones.

  • Traditional and Classy Look
  • Affordable and Breathable
  • Goatskin Leather
  • Durable and Flexible
  • Pre-curved Design
  • For mild cold only
  • Not touchscreen compatible
  • Size issues
  • Only available in Black
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9. ILM Air Flow

The ILM Air Flow motorcycle gloves take care of all the aspects of motorcycling. Be it protection, proper ventilation, grip on track or a ride on the street, these biking gloves don’t miss a single box. And all this without sacrificing on your budget.

ILM Air Flow gloves


The biking gloves offer optimal breathability through air channels positioned on the top of the hand. The leather is also perforated in specific places for optimal airflow without compromising on leather solidity. For the safety of your hands, there is an external protection shell for scaphoid, metacarpals, palm, fingers, and side of the hand. The ILM GRC01 features for better shock absorption and comfort by suppressing all hard elements inside the protection shells.

The glove is brilliantly made with a doubled leather layer and additional foam on areas exposed to abrasion(palm, cuff, fingers) in a crash situation. The positioning of these elements has been designed to protect hands from shocks but also from long abrasions on the tarmac. The goat leather and the pre-shaping offers a high level of feeling on the handlebars. The finger stitch seams are positioned on the outside, for better comfort. The motorcycle gloves can also be widely used as cycling gloves, work gloves, hunting and shooting gloves, outdoor sports gloves.

  • Air Flow System
  • 360° Protection
  • Multiple Reinforcements
  • Better Comfort
  • Wide Range of Usage Scenarios
  • Affordable
  • For mild winter only
  • Not touchscreen compatible
  • Only two colors- Black and White
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10. Joe Rocket

If you need gloves that give off the old-school biker vibe, this is your pick. Joe Rocket has all the features you could ask for in a motorcycle glove. And it all comes at a price within your budget. So what are you waiting for? Check out the attributes of the glove.


Made of supple sleek black dyed cowhide, these gloves will fit true to the size. The gel palm of Joe Rocket dissipates vibrations and you don’t feel uncomfortable while riding the bike. The pre-curved ride-friendly design helps you maintain a firm grip over the handle and avoid slipups. There is a charcoal reflective logo of the brand on the back of the palm. Joe Rocket doesn’t have a bulky armor. Rather it has hinged fingers for added dexterity.

On the offside, the biking glove is only available in one color that is black. The leather of Joe Rocket requires some time breaking in. Also, the user needs to get used to it. The motorcycle glove has a flex-wrist for easy on and off. The product is also available in a thick fit for a huskier/wider palm. So you need not worry about the sizing issues. This is one glove you would like to don on a long summer ride as the lining is thin. It will not provide enough insulation against the cold winds on a drive.

  • Comes within Budget
  • Requires break in
  • No issues about size
  • Oldschool Vibes
  • Not suitable for winter
  • Only available in Black
  • Inadequate Protection
  • Not Waterproof
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Know the Best Motorcycle Gloves To Buy

Before making a purchase of motorcycle gloves, you should be clearly definite of what you want. You must be aware of the circumstances you’ll be using the hand covering for. Apart from the 10 best mentioned above, you’ll also find a plethora of choices.

The biking gloves need careful scrutinizing for each rider. Though protection is a major concern, the style of each biker is versatile. Here is how you can choose which pair suits your requirements the best and comes with all the favorable features.

  • Type of Motorcycle you Ride

Just like helmets for various bike riders differ, so do the biking gloves. If you are a professional, you might want to go for a snug, pre-curved pair of gloves. You need gloves that are flexible and allows you freedom of movement. Get a pair of gloves that provide a firm grip on the handle and have perforated fingers. And you would definitely want to look for the protective features of the gloves.

  • Size

A loose biking glove is as uncomfortable as an overtight one. And above that, it is unsafe too. Therefore, you must always go through the size chart before making the final purchase. Gloves should also not be too narrow and the cuff must not be too small.

  • Weather you ride in

Whether you riding on a sunny day or a windy night, it all decides the type of biking glove you need. For cold weather, you need gloves that come with insulation. Heated gloves are considered the best for chilly weather. On the other hand, if you have to go a drive during summers, you might need gloves which are breathable.

  • Brand and Price

Indeed biking gloves make your motorcycle ride a great and memorable experience. But you also need to have the right gloves. It is better to buy from a reputed brand than investing in a short-living glove. The price also is higher for branded ones. But it is not always outside your budget. There are many gloves that come at an affordable price.

Have the best Riding Experience

Now you have gone through the reviews of the best motorcycle gloves and the buyer’s guide. Go ahead and grab the pair which makes your riding experience both safe and memorable. There are also gloves which give you a chance to flaunt your style and don’t compromise on the features. So put on the biking gloves (and the helmet)and turn on the ignition key and off you go!


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